Smoking e-cigarettes promotes mouth fungus


Smoking e-cigarettes promotes mouth fungus

Quitting smoking is clearly not an easy task! :/ #Courage

A study at the University of Laval in Canada focused on the impacts of electronic cigarettes on oral health. Even if it is known to be a good ally for smokers wishing to quit, it seems that it is far from perfect.

mouth infections And e-cigarettes


Indeed, according to this scientific investigation, it would promote the installation and multiplication of a fungus: Candida albicans. These can be responsible for mouth infections like oral thrush. The researchers noticed that in contact with nicotine vapor, their development was 50% faster.


A study had already looked into the possible negative impacts of electronic cigarettes and had shown that people who use electronic cigarettes had a greater chance of suffering a stroke. In short, it's not joy for the vapoteuse!


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This 'dilation meter' proves childbirth is no joke

This 'dilation meter' proves childbirth is no joke

Women are real warriors when they give birth

The word dilation is not the one that returns the most glamorous and elegant images in the human mind. To explain to pregnant women how childbirth takes place, the SCV Birth Center has created a wooden object to show the phases of dilation of the vagina during labor: the dilation meter .

the dilation meter


This object may seem useless but it allows everyone to realize what childbirth represents and why women are real heroines. Because, the miracle of life does not happen without effort and baby cannot stay forever in mom's womb.

the miracle of life does not happen without effort

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Many women have applauded the creators of this object and some are even considering buying it to use in sex education classes, for example. Some even use it as decoration on their shelf: ideal for starting conversations with friends during a dinner party.

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This magic pillow moves your head to stop you from snoring

This pillow will put an end to your darling's grizzly snoring

Often, snoring is not very disturbing for the person who snores but is a real hell for the person who sleeps with the snorer. Because there is nothing worse than being woken up by a snorer and not being able to go back to sleep while the other is sleeping deeply in the greatest of calms. And if the technique of little kick or "I push you" to stop snoring often works, it is not infallible. That's why TenMinds, a South Korean company decided to create a special memory foam pillow to save couples terrible nights caused by snoring.

This magic pillow moves your head to stop you from snoring


The very smart pillow contains 4 airbags as well as a small plastic box with a microphone capable of recognizing snoring. Thus, if the box detects snoring, the airbags inflate and force the person who is resting on the pillow to turn their head in order to put themselves in a position where they will no longer snore.

The very smart pillow contains 4 airbags

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the airbags inflate and force the person who is resting

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This pillow is clearly the future of humanity and could transform nightmarish lovers' nights based on untimely snoring into long calm rivers: the dream! In addition, we told you not long ago about the infinite duvet which also attacks night comfort and if we associate it with this pillow, comfort is likely to be there in the beds of couples. But maybe not for now because you still have to pay 420 dollars for this invention...

This pillow is clearly the future of humanity

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Ella, 12, invented a teddy bear to hide the children's infusion


Ella, 12, invented a teddy bear to hide the children's infusion

His brilliant idea allows children to be less afraid in the hospital

Some children with health problems are forced to spend a lot of time in the hospital. And it's never easy and reassuring for a child to be in an environment like this with smells he doesn't know, exams to take and sometimes even an infusion in his arm. And even if parents are there to reassure their children, there are other little things that can make a difference, like the Medi Teddy. Invented by Ella Casano, a 12-year-old girl, it is there to camouflage infusions and give smiles to children in hospitals.

brilliant idea allows children to be less afraid in the hospital



Ella has thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a disease that attacks platelets and increases the risk of injury. So every 8 weeks, she had to go to the hospital to receive a blood infusion. Without treatment the young girl does not have enough platelets in her blood and her coagulation is very poor and if she gets hurt she bleeds a lot.

thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura


She explains on the Medi Teddy website that on her first infusion she was frightened when she saw the equipment, the liquid and the tube up to her arm. Seeing other children feel the same fear, she wanted to create something to ease this experience. And she had the idea of a cute little teddy bear to hide the infusion bag.

With the help of her mother, she therefore drew a prototype which she managed to make real thanks to the magic of a participative kitty to which hundreds of people contributed. Eventually she was able to distribute her invention to children who needed it and allowed many to have an easier stay in the hospital.

children's infusion Health administration



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6 Sleep Disorders That Can Indicate Hormonal Imbalances

6 Sleep Disorders That Can Indicate Hormonal Imbalances

High cortisol levels from stress can affect your sleep
Hormones are associated with many physiological phenomena and influence us permanently whether on stress, metabolism, libido but also sleep. And sometimes the little perfect balance of our body which makes it work well and life is beautiful gets out of order and worries arise. In this article, discover 6 sleep disorders that can be associated with hormonal imbalances.


1. Nervousness when sleeping

Nervousness when sleeping



If when you go to bed you often feel tense and can't calm down, it may be due to the level of cortisol in your body. If you lead a stressful life and there is too much cortisol in your body, you feel tired during the day and also in the evening you but with nervousness and this can prevent you from sleeping To calm all this down a little, you you can play sports, meditate or even go out with friends.


2. Waking up during the night

Waking up during the night

Melatonin is a hormone that helps you fall asleep and when it's too low in your body can make you feel like you can't stay asleep. Its production is stimulated by being exposed to daylight, so don't hesitate to sunbathe and limit screens in the evening, which interfere with sleep.


3. Hot flashes at night

Hot flashes at night

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Hot flashes can be caused by low estrogen levels and are very irritating because they prevent sleep. If you ever regularly have hot flashes when it comes time to sleep, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. There are many ways to rebalance your hormonal levels for lighter sleep.


4. A restless sleep

A restless sleep



Testosterone acts in conjunction with stress hormones on mood and sleep. With too low levels of testosterone, your sleep may be more restless than normal. Often a strong stress leads to a decrease in the level of testosterone so if you are stressed, do not hesitate to opt for meditation and relaxation and think of yourself!


5. Insomnia


If you simply can't fall asleep, it may be associated with your thyroid. We talk about hypothyroidism when you can't fall asleep at all at night and also sweat a lot. If this happens to you, talk to your doctor quickly to see if the problem is there or not.


6. Excessive stress

Excessive stress

source: ©Ashey Batz/Bustle

Extreme stress definitely has very bad consequences for your hormones. This can lower your level of progesterone, a hormone that affects the ability to relax and be physically and mentally calm.

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Joke kid destroys makeup for $1,300 at Sephora

Joke kid destroys makeup for $1,300 at Sephora

 The moral: always keep an eye on your kids in the shops

It was in a Sephora that took place a few months ago the horrible murder of $ 1300 of makeup. As a young woman entered the store, she saw a mother and her son running out of the store.

Joke kid destroys makeup for $1,300 at Sephora


Surprised, she then went to eye shadow to buy a new one and that's when she understood what had just happened. Before his eyes, there are no longer eyeshadows but fields of ruins. Of the reds, blues, yellows, browns, only craters and suffering remain. Flabbergasted, the young woman hastens to post a message on Facebook, photo in support, to encourage mothers not to bring their children with them during their shopping sessions or to impose strict rules on them.

kid destroys makeup
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The reaction of Internet users is not long in coming and if some join the young woman, many blame her for her harshness of judgment. Indeed, even if the damage is considerable, it happens for a child to do stupid things without really realizing the consequences. And who could blame the little boy's mom for running away for not shelling out $1,000 for makeup? Not many people so ultimately this story is nothing serious and Sephora will recover very quickly from this loss. 

Sephora will recover very quickly


In addition, for my part I admit that I always dreamed in a fit of madness to do like this kid and mess up a make-up store where everything is so tidy, organized, classified. But hey hey, I won't, I'm a responsible adult!

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8 steps to have perfect eyebrows, the only right method

Have beautiful eyebrows without going to the beautician? It's possible

steps to have perfect eyebrows, the only right method

To have beautiful, well-shaped eyebrows without false notes, some women are ready to pay a fortune to the beautician. Others don't bother and do it themselves, but it's not always successful and after that, you have to take it for several weeks.

Your eyebrows are part of your look and they highlight your look. When they are well maintained, they give you confidence. That's why we share with you all the good tips to make you shine to the fullest!

And the most incredible thing is that it's simple!

1. Déterminez le début de votre sourcil

Déterminez le début de votre sourcil

image source: women's health


Before removing any excess hair, be careful not to remove too much. To know where to start your eyebrow, use a nail file (with the pointed end down) that you position vertically against your nose. That's it, you have the beginning of your eyebrow.

2. Define the shape of your eyebrows

With a black pencil (for the eyes), physically mark the limit of your eyebrow in order to know which hairs to eliminate or not.

3. Remove all excess hair

Remove all excess hair

image source: @precious

All excess hair should be removed. Go easy with tweezers. Be careful not to pinch your skin with the forceps, it may hurt. With your free hand, press down on your skin to keep it from relaxing and to make the hair come out more easily.

4. Determine the end of your eyebrow

Determine the end of your eyebrow

image source: women's health

Again, use your nail file, the same way as in step 1. Except this time, you have to draw a diagonal from your nose and through the outer side of your eye to your eyebrow (as in the drawing above). You now have the end of your eyebrow. Anything that sticks out can be removed!

5. Determine the thickness of your eyebrows

Determine the thickness of your eyebrows

image source: women's health

For the thickness, it's up to you. Just remember that very thin eyebrows do not go with all faces, far from it. Once you have traced the upper and lower lines of your eyebrows with eye pencil, pluck the hairs that protrude above and below the line, not before.

6. Form a nice bow

Form a nice bow

image source: women's health


Your bow can be very curved or straighter. It's up to you to choose according to your face. Again, draw the curve well with a pencil before you start tweezing to make sure you don't mess up.

7. Fill in your eyebrows according to your taste

Fill in your eyebrows according to your taste

Photo source: Instagram screenshot

Do you like thick, visible eyebrows? You can always use a black pencil (kohl) to make them darker but go with small touches, and certainly not in the manner of coloring for children! You can also use an angled brush (the color of your hair, preferably).

8. Comb your eyebrows from time to time

The eyebrows quickly end in battle. To remedy this, you can brush them with a toothbrush (and a little hairspray) to style them once and for all. 

There you go, you are perfect!