15 images that will freak out all perfectionists!


You might want to tear your hair out!

There is something beautiful in order. We feel a special effort. There is also something beautiful in the brothel. And sometimes from one to the other there is only one small element. A single small grain of sand that blocks the cog...

1. Tiling



Except for four small points, it was perfect. And then in fact no, lazy! 

2. The square chair



Chaise pour boudeurs


Very practical for anyone who wants to make pudding.


3. The ceiling corner



Un coin de plafond dérangeant


The architect wasn't clear enough anyway, now it's too late. Come on, cigarette break.


4. Cake

Either the person is myopic or they do it on purpose. For once the cake cutting dilemma was solved...

5. Kit Kat



prends un break


There is one who badly needed a break. And you notice it right away.


6. The quirky lamp


It was marked in the estimate that the lamp and the pillar could not be sacked. We just followed instructions.

7. The toilet seat



Siége décalé


For once it's not your guy's fault. Although, he could...


Come on, don't flinch, it's almost over. Continued on   next page .





Un complot mondial on vous dit



part de gâteau tracées