16 proofs that public transport is another planet

 Taking the bus with a cat on your head: the basics

Public transport is a special place where you meet absolutely everyone: from the CEO of a big box who goes to work to the security guard who comes home from work at 7 a.m. passing through Narnia 13-year-old going to college listening to music blast through his headphones. Suffice to say that there is no better place to meet different people and witness alternative moments of life. In this article, we invite you to discover 16 improbable and brilliant situations observed by people in public transport. If you regularly take the tram, metro or bus, it will inevitably bring back lots of memories.

1. The perfect headphones

2. One hell of a pair of eyebrows

3. Poor baby

4. This gentleman forgot a little thing in his hair

5. Totally creepy

6. "Never Without My Cat"

7. This hoodie is another delusion