16 things you probably haven't been doing right forever

 These little things will make your life easier

Our little habits die hard, even if we don't always do it right. For almost every little thing you do every day, there's at least one more efficient way to do it.

Even if you think these little things don't matter, why not give it a try? Come on, don't be stubborn, you might be pleasantly surprised...

1. Take a shower!

Showering too long can dry out the skin. Plus, washing your hair too often causes your oil glands to produce even more sebum (natural oil) to compensate!

Come on, why not let yourself stink a little from time to time?


2. Fold your fitted sheets

It's high time you learned how to do it. You have to fold the rounded corners to give your sheet a rectangular shape. Fold it again, and you're done!


3. The turn of your towels!

Your towels fold in three, not in four!

4. Breathe!

Don't worry, you know how to breathe. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article. There is, however, a more effective way to proceed: breathing with the belly. Babies do this because it brings more oxygen to their bodies. They often lose the habit as the years pass.

5. Fold your sweaters to spread them out better!

And one, and two, and three ! Around a hanger. It's not complicated, is it?

6. Clean your tables!

Preferably with a sliced bagel. It is an excellent anti-dust, soft, which should not damage your paint. But don't go pressing on it like a madman either!

7. Scrub the microwave!

Take a bowl of water, add a little vinegar, and let it all evaporate in your microwave. Once this is done, all you have to do is wipe it down: even the most stubborn stains should go away!