6. The man and the robot

The man and the robot

When you are a genius like Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, you have almost no problem creating a robot in his likeness. Only downside in all this, the robot was not so similar after a few years. That's why this scientist decided to get up to date with cosmetic surgery. It's hard to tell which one is the real one. 

7. The Twin Sisters

We have verified, these sisters were not born under the sign of Gemini. On the other hand, they spent 250,000 dollars to be carbon copies. Which shows that they don't necessarily have a lot of lead in their brains.

8. The Andersons

In addition to bearing the same name as her favorite star, the young Englishwoman Carolyn Anderson has decided to go all the way. After posing close to 30,000 dollars, the young girl obtained a result … not terrible if we are to believe the images.

9. Toby Bieber

This 33-year-old American is a longtime fan of Justin Bieber. So he spent lavishly to look like his idol. Close to $100,000 gone up in smoke all of a sudden. And the result is rather sad. At least he has a group called The Plastics that the young Mathieu Sommet will criticize much better than me.

10. Madonna

And we end in style with this 33-year-old young man who has decided to embody the divine Madonna. We admire the courage it took to achieve this result. On the other hand, the price makes him cringe. Nearly 175,000 dollars were needed for this remarkable transformation into a pop Diva!