7 simple exercises that will transform your body in just 4 weeks

 It's the perfect context to start exercising at home

"Just move your butt and play sports!"... Yes, that's easier said than done.


We don't necessarily have the time to afford an extra especially for sport but given the very particular context in which we are, it's the perfect time to get started. The hardest part is always finding the perfect niche (along with motivation) and sticking with it for an indefinite amount of time.

For this, we have found the perfect program for you.


Duration of the program: 1 month


Daily time: 10 minutes per day


Objective: flat stomach and rounded buttocks (and no longer the reverse)




1. Exercise 1: the plank

The plank is a simple, static exercise that is pure muscle building. All you have to do is position yourself as in the picture, being careful to keep your back straight (do not lower your pelvis!), your legs in line with your pelvis and your arms in line with your shoulders .


Do not hesitate to use a small gym mat to relieve the elbows.


If you have no difficulty keeping this position, it is not correct. Check the position of your back carefully. Thighs, abs, arms and back are heavily used during this exercise.


2. Exercise 2: push-ups

No more prejudices: push-ups are not just for men. Certainly, they strengthen the arms a lot but they represent the ideal exercise to gain the abs.


The starting position looks a lot like the plank. Bend your arms gently (without bending your back and pulling your buttocks up!) straight to stay aligned. The next step is to ascend as slowly as possible.


3. Exercise 2: waist and buttocks

Settle down as in the first image, arms aligned at your shoulders and legs at your pelvis. Then, extend your leg back while extending the opposite arm forward for balance. Do the gesture slowly, paying attention to your balance while keeping your pelvis straight. Slowly return to the starting position. Then, do the same with the opposite leg and arm.


4. Exercise 4: "squats"

This exercise is all about balance. Align your feet well with your shoulders. Extend your arms for balance and then bend your legs gently (as if to sit on a chair). Your knees should stay in line with your feet. The ascent should be as slow as possible to best build muscle in the thighs and buttocks.


5. Exercise 5: abs

Lie on your back, arms outstretched, hands resting on your knees (as in the image above). Then gently straighten your right leg while raising your arm. Return to the initial position. Then repeat with the other leg.


6. Exercise 6: abs-glutes

First, put your hands on the floor, keeping your legs straight. Your body should form a triangle. The distance between your two hands should be slightly larger than that of your shoulders in order to maintain a good balance. Stretch one leg back (as in the image above) then bring it against you, rounding your back well. Do the same with the other leg.


7. Exercise 7: waist

Lean your back against a wall, legs slightly apart from your pelvis and keep yourself in a slightly seated position. Take a ball or clasp your hands together (for lack of an accessory) as in the picture and gently rotate your bust from left to right, trying to touch the wall with your hands. Keep your back straight.


This exercise will gain the oblique abs for a wasp waist.

The program


1. First week


For six days, your ten minutes should include:


- Exercise 1: 2 minutes

- Exercise 2: 1 minute

- Exercise 3: 1 minute

- Exercise 4: 1 minute

- Exercise 5: 1 minute

- Exercise 6: 1 minute

- Exercise 7: 1 minute

- Exercise 1: 1 minute


Take ten seconds of recovery between two exercises.


2. Second week


The difficulty grows. Alternate each day of the week with these two mini-programs:


a. Mini-program 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)


- Exercise 1: 3 minutes

- Exercise 4: 3 minutes

- Exercise 5: 3 minutes


b. Mini-program 2 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)


- Exercise 7: 3 minutes

- Exercise 2: 3 minutes

- Exercise 6: 3 minutes


Take 15 seconds of recovery between each exercise.


3. Third week


Repeat the program for the first week.


4. Fourth week


Repeat the program for the second week.


If you keep up the pace, you'll get impressive results within a month, in addition to getting into the habit of setting aside 10 minutes of sport a day: nothing can do a lot!