8 sweets that remind you of your childhood

The mammoth ball: if you drop it on the ground, it doesn't matter, you still lick it

Eating candy when you're little is like the first hours with your iPhone 8 today. Not only is it much cheaper but you could also feel an intense joy every day by stuffing yourself with junk. Check out these 8 sweets that will make you jump back.

1. The mammoth ball, if you drop it on the ground it doesn't matter, you still lick it

2. Doubtful-tasting chewing gum roll

3. The crocodile, the unbeatable

4. The tube of chewing gum that today would make you want to vomit just thinking about it

5. The discount pearl necklace

6. The marshmallow bear, the real goal was to put as much as possible in his mouth

7. Lollipops to get sticky hands

8. Packs of Smurfs in which there were never enough reds

Even today it could give you great pleasure to eat sweets, well in moderation huh.