8. Tiling II



Conspiration franc carreleurique

 Here, I have too many green tiles. It would be a shame to ruin everything. And then in addition, the customer has already paid.

9. Chaos Puppies



Les chiens piano

At least it looks a bit like the keys of a piano (with one exception). And good luck getting them to switch places.

10. Sausage



Saucisse rebelle


Frank the sausage has always been a rebel. She always wanted to make her interesting.


11. Pills



Les pillules


You have to be completely sick to do this sort of thing... Uh, forget what I just said.


12. Return of the Tiles

It's starting to do a lot for tilers! They will have to explain to us how they proceed.

13. Pepsi and Coke



Coca et Pepsi

In addition to driving perfectionists furious, they are now attacking Coke fans!


14. The Manhole Cover



Les égoutiers s'y mettent


One of the tilers had to convert into a sewer worker. Without that, I see no explanation.


15. Switches



Les interrupteurs


Even if it means living in the dark, you might as well live in balanced and symmetrical darkness!