9 people who took horrible revenge on their exes

 Make love not war they said...

There are different ways to deal with a breakup: sadness, denial, happiness, neutrality and sometimes...revenge. Often, the spirit of revenge appears when the breakup has not gone very well and it pushes you to commit acts that are not necessarily necessary, not necessarily nice and appreciated. In this article you will discover 9 people who have taken extreme revenge on their exes.


1. I ditched her at a concert

When I found out my girlfriend cheated on me I didn't do anything in the moment cause we were going to see a concert out of town I took her to the concert I went to the bathroom and I am left. She got the message.


2. I humiliated him in front of 500 people

“I slapped my ex in front of a full lecture hall at college. He had dumped me three days earlier when I told him about a positive pregnancy test. I wasn't pregnant but I was 19 and I was scared and he didn't answer the phone or my texts when I tried to reach him I saw him in a lecture hall and told him that I needed to talk to him urgently but he refused to come and talk to me and told me it had nothing to do with him anymore So I slapped him in front of 500 people and got mad I don't I'm not proud that I resorted to violence and I won't do that again but at the moment it seemed pretty justified."
3. I destroyed her marriage and lied to her
“My ex cheated on me and dumped me for her. Several years later, they are married with two children and we get in touch and have an affair. I convince him to leave his wife for me, which he I did. Then I left him as soon as the divorce was finalized. Shit I know. Now that I'm older, I feel pretty bad for doing that to his kids."
4. I ruined his reputation
"When I found out she cheated on me I updated her status and said 'I'm a slut who likes to cheat on my guy with X' and changed her password. J I then changed the password to her email address. She called me and begged me to remove it because she was friends with members of her church on Facebook. I laughed and told her to go back to the church.”
5. I stole the dog I gave him

"I stole her dog and punctured her tires. Oreo was my birthday present but I decided he was mine when she chose to sleep with my friend."
6. I destroyed what he wanted me to give him back

“My ex who lived far away asked me if I could send him his favorite t-shirt he gave me. He cheated on me so I planned to throw them away but instead I sent them back to him . Two were torn to shreds with writing on their backs: ‘I AM A CHEAPER.’ He deserved it. I’m not being tricked.”
7. I destroyed his stocks
My ex was a narcissistic asshole who drove me crazy. When I left, I put laxative in every bottle of liquor that had it and gave someone his little secret cocaine stash. It was in Australia where none of these things are given. "
8. I got his parents divorced
“My ex was cheating on me so I slept with his mom and got his parents divorced.”
9. He called me "The Devil" after what I did.

"I compiled all of the horrible comments he made online into a PDF that I attached to his parents. Are you emailing me? I'll make sure your parents give you hell. I got it. seen again years later, he said he was scared of me and thought I was the devil."