The 10 most extreme transformations to look like a star

10 most extreme transformations to look like a star

Surgery can save faces... but also destroy them!
Cosmetic surgery works wonders for all sorts of things these days. But there are limits that should not be exceeded. Some of the cases here bear the brunt of this, as you will be able to see for yourselves. And the results are not always pretty to see!

1. Annette and Roger

This young 60-year-old grandmother decided to break the bank to look like the sublime creature in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Fortunately the result is rather successful.

2. The Korean Brazilian

Max was a young Brazilian fan of Korean culture. Now thanks to cosmetic surgery, her wish to "become Korean" has been granted. But it took him no less than 30,000 dollars to achieve this mixed result.

3. The Barbie Woman

Valeria Lukyanova is known to be the carbon copy of Barbie. She states that she only had plastic surgery to redo the breasts. However, some doctors claim that she also had ribs removed.

4. Anastasiya Shpagina

This young manga fan made a lot of sacrifices to look like her idol on paper. Indeed, the young girl has lost several tens of kilos and spends several hours in front of her mirror to maintain the illusion. She also had her eyes enlarged.

5. The Red Skull Fan

The world is really small. After the manga fan, we have this American Comics fan who underwent several nose transplant/planing operations and a series of tattoos to achieve the desired effect: you be the judge of the success.

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