The Incredible Homes of Celebrities. That Of Bill Gates Will Impress You!


Bruce Willis And His House Near A Lake

Action movie actor Bruce Willis is known for his charm. He is known for having played the role of Korben Dallas in the film “The Fifth Element” where he gives the reply to Milla Jovovich. The story takes place in the future. In the fiction, his futuristic apartment is small, and therefore the opposite of his current house: It looks like a real castle and the actor has taken care to surround it with greenery, we breathe nature there. In addition, it is located near a lake.

His residence is accompanied by a seawater swimming pool. The interior is very luxurious with its eight bathrooms and five bedrooms: Enough for his large family. The house is located near New York, away from prying eyes. Bruce understood that “To live happily, you have to live hidden”.

A castle for Stephane Bern

He presents the program “Secret d’histoire” and we all know his passion and wonder for castles and the lives of kings. Stephane Bern doesn't just talk about castles: he lives there. And if his home is as it is now, it's thanks to him! Indeed, the presenter did not simply buy the property, he completely renovated it. Indeed, it was a former royal military college of the 18th century totally in ruins. It is above all the price for its renovation that has cost it dearly.

Regarding the place, Stephane Bern said in an interview: “If some established celebrities in the region have lifted the drawbridge, I live with the population and in the middle of it.” So if you pass through the Perche in Thiron-Gardais, don't be surprised to see Stephane Bern at the market, chatting with the locals.

Kanye West and his Californian Villa

The Rap star owns a large villa in California. It is worth $20 million. The Kanye-Kim couple had this residence renovated to create a little paradise. Acquired in 2018, the villa of the famous couple covers two hectares and is located on the heights of Hidden Hills.

There is a playroom for their two children, a cinema room, a hair salon, a gym, a recording studio, as well as a massage room. And if you visit the outside, there is a basketball court. There is also a large swimming pool.