10 Useless Body Parts That Will Disappear With Human Evolution


10 Useless Body Parts That Will Disappear With Human Evolution

It may be that later we will only have 8 toes in all!

The human body is a complexity of nature that is constantly passing through the hands of evolution. Even today, several specialists struggle to agree on the usefulness or not of certain parts or organs of the body.


Here are 10, considered useless, which could well disappear one day with the evolution of our species:


1. The third eyelid

The third eyelid

The small skin present inside the eye is an evolutionary remnant called the nictitating membrane. Some animals still possess it; It allows them to moisten the eye while maintaining visibility.


2. Tonsils


The tonsils are lymphoid tissues at the back of the throat that filter out bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, they are also prone to infections. This is why children very often have to have them removed. Fortunately, the tonsils shrink over time and cease to be a problem.


3. Nipples in men


When the fetus is created, it is by default female. It is only with the arrival of testosterone that it "transforms" into male sex (the process being obviously more complex). Nipples are remnants of what a man might have been if it hadn't been for the Y chromosome in the mix.


4. The appendix


While one could very well live without it, recent studies would indicate that the appendix would not be as useless as one might think. The latter is a reserve of bacteria that help the proper functioning of the digestive system and to repopulate the intestines when the latter are victims of a disease or gastric infection.


5. Tailbone


The coccyx is a remnant of our ancestors whose function was lost during evolution: a tail. When humans learned to walk, they no longer needed this tail to keep their balance, which is why we gradually lost it, unlike monkeys for example.


6. Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth

Only 5% of people have enough room in their jawbone for their wisdom teeth. That is why today we have to remove them through an operation. In the past, when toothpaste and dental hygiene did not yet exist, they were very useful when a molar was lost. Today, we take far too much care of our teeth for them to fall out.


7. Cervical rib syndrome

Cervical rib syndrome

Cervical rib syndrome is characterized by the existence of an extra cervical rib. This congenital disease affects only 5% of people. This supernumerary rib is not a vestige of evolution but rather a bone malformation.


8. The vas deferens (spermiduct) of women


Just like the man with nipples, women have a vas deferens close to their ovaries. During the development of the female fetus, the potential channels have atrophied to be nothing more than tiny useless pipes.


9. Horripilating muscles

Horripilating muscles

These tiny little muscles are the ones that cause goosebumps when you're cold or scared. In the past, this phenomenon occurred in order to keep the heat of the body and to appear more imposing in the eyes of the enemy (which animals still do). Today, they risk disappearing with the evolution of man, just like body hair.


10. Little Toe

Little Toe

In the past, our ancestors used the little toe to move in the trees and grab the branches. Today, modern man no longer has any use for it, neither for catching objects (because it is not easy), nor for walking and keeping one's balance. We already have the other toes for that.


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