Smoking e-cigarettes promotes mouth fungus


Smoking e-cigarettes promotes mouth fungus

Quitting smoking is clearly not an easy task! :/ #Courage

A study at the University of Laval in Canada focused on the impacts of electronic cigarettes on oral health. Even if it is known to be a good ally for smokers wishing to quit, it seems that it is far from perfect.

mouth infections And e-cigarettes


Indeed, according to this scientific investigation, it would promote the installation and multiplication of a fungus: Candida albicans. These can be responsible for mouth infections like oral thrush. The researchers noticed that in contact with nicotine vapor, their development was 50% faster.


A study had already looked into the possible negative impacts of electronic cigarettes and had shown that people who use electronic cigarettes had a greater chance of suffering a stroke. In short, it's not joy for the vapoteuse!


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